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We help you to find the best properties to buy. We simplify your research by providing all financial assessments that help you to see within seconds if a property is a great cherry.

We watch the market every day and assess them with our smart algorithms. Some properties don't have sufficient reference data yet for a complete assessment but
especially great properties are gone fast. So some might be still listed here but gone already. In this case - just look for the next cherry to pick.

Enjoy and let us know how we can improve further.
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Beside our TOP 10 Search and our detailed Search Page you can also evaluate any property manually.
Just copy & paste the URl into the form and we will calculate all financial measures for this property.

The other sections are more for a deeper assessment. You can use our Statistics to better understand how the property prices are structured in a given region for example based on property size and floor level.

Or you can use our Financial Simulation to understand if a property is financially attractive and for which scenario it might be the best.

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